10 Things You Don't Know About Me!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016
I'm not the most interesting person and I'm quite boring too! But there are some pretty cool things you don't know about me. I always enjoy reading post like these, because you get to know more about the person behind the blog. 
I'm a Sagittarius 
I was born in December, I wanted to clarify that first because I know people who were born the last few days of November are Sagittarius too. I'm a fire sign and that pretty much sums it up. Although I do fit the description of one, not all of the information applies to me. Some of it is just way off. As you can tell I read horoscopes. My symbol is the bow and arrow and I think that's pretty cool. If I were to ever get a tattoo it would be that.
I was named after a Soap Opera Character 
I think this one tops it all for me! This is pretty cool being named after a character. Growing up my mom and I would watch soap operas so it's something special for me. Now that my sister is older, we all watch them together! So anyway the soap character I was named after is Ashley from the "Young & Restless". 
I'm a sports fan
I am a fan of basketball ever since I was a kid. But I guess that runs in my family. My favorite team is Oklahoma City Thunder, just in case you're wondering. Football is ok, although there was a time when I watched it faithfully. Now it really doesn't interest me anymore except for the Super Bowl. That's a tradition for me! (WWE) Wrestling has become a sport I like to watch, however it can't compare to basketball because that will always be my number one! I remember watching wrestling when I was younger, but I really started getting into it a few years ago. I don't like any other sports and I enjoy watching the Olympics every four years.
I have 5 ear piercings 
I have 4 piercings on my earlobes (2 on each side). I also have my cartilage pierced. I do want one or two more maybe for my birthday!
I have a widow's peak
This one is another cool fact that I think is interesting about myself. I don't have a straight line. So parting my hair in the middle is very challenging, because I'm not sure where exactly the middle is! But I wouldn't change it for the world.
I'm obsessed with the 90's
It's no secret that I'm a 90's kid, I mean I talk about it frequently. Although I love listening to music from other decades and even today's, music in this decade was the best. But not just music, it goes from TV shows to movies. I could go on for days, but I won't bore you.
I love to draw/sketch 
I've been doing this since I was 9 years old. I love drawing flowers and I have a passion for sketching wedding dresses. In the future I would love to own a bridal store/company and become a wedding planner.
I often quote lines from TV shows & movies 
I do this on a daily basis. It just happens and it's who I am. I also memorize commercials too and the fact that I'm sharing this with you, makes us closer! 
I don't like certain foods touching 
Call me weird but certain foods cannot be near one another. For example, I don't like for my greens to touch the potato salad. I like the plates that have different sections to separate the foods. Am I the only one like this?
I have a sock collection 
I'm obsessed with socks and this probably sounds weird to you already. I solid color socks, multi colors socks you name it. I should dedicate a post to my sock collection. That would be hilarious. 
I don't like the sound of Styrofoam 
Anything with Styrofoam in it count me out. The other thing I can deal with is the Styrofoam cups, other than that I cringe at the sound. So when it comes to plates you can pretty much guess where I won't be eating from! 
I hope you enjoyed reading and now you know me a little better!

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