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Friday, November 25, 2016
First let me put a disclaimer on this post now! I'm in no way an expert in blogging and after 4 years, I sill have no idea what to do. With that being said these tips I have for you have probably already, been shared before. I'm not the most organized blogger but over this past month that has changed. So these tips I'm going to share have helped me a lot during this month! 
This is the number one tip that important when it comes to blogging. Whether you're a full time, part time or just a hobby blogger there comes a point where you have to find some type of organization. Now I know for some this is just a hobby and you post when you feel like it, I get it I was like that before. But then you have bloggers who do this as a serious hobby. So anyway having a schedule is important when it comes to being an organized blogger. That goes with consistency. Only you know how much you want to post. Whether it's one, two, three or more days a week planning what you want to post is easy and helpful. The if you need some assistance in planning out your time check out these two etsy shops. These shops have you covered! DorkfaceShop & PaperChicCo 
This is a tricky tip but it's also important! I hope that made sense but I'm serious. Now what I mean by tricky is, I've seen people who feel like spam tweets about blog promoting can be annoying. In my opinion I don't feel like that at all when seeing promotion posts. I use to be nervous about this because I wouldn't want to annoy anyone. But the I thought how else would someone read your blog. This is wear hashtags come into play. These are so helpful when promoting a post or your entire blog. There are so many to count, I can't keep track. But I may dedicate a post to all of the helpful twitter hashtags and pages! For me I like to promote once in the morning, afternoon and evening. But I may do it more frequently throughout the day. It really does make a difference. 
Be yourself 
I probably write this a lot but it is truly important to be yourself while blogging. Obviously not just for blogging, but hopefully you understand what I mean. With blogging it can be difficult sometimes, to be yourself. We may see another blogger getting comments or likes and we think we should do whatever it is that their doing. No that's not the case at all. Blog about what you like and what makes you happy. There is no right or wrong way to blog. 
Twitter Chats
These chats are super fun and most of all, very helpful. You get a chance to meet new people and you learn a lot from one another. I know from experience and so many other bloggers are super supportive. 
These tips have helped me and I hope you find them useful! 

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