Revlon Lipsticks

Sunday, November 20, 2016
I'm just starting to get into wearing lipsticks. In the past I didn't really care for and to be honest I'm still a little hesitant about certain ones. I guess it really just depends on the colors. Most of the time I'm picky when it comes to makeup. I like darker colors burgundy reds and purples, but I've been trying out colors that are not in my comfort zone. I don't know about you but I like using my mom's lotions, fragrance sprays and other beauty products. Sometimes when it comes to lip products, we're night and day. She's leans more towards light colors and I go straight to the bold dark colors, most of the time. So when I saw the colors I was a little hesitant about it, but I tried and I actually liked it. My mom brought these two Revlon lipsticks from Walmart. 
While wearing different lipsticks, lip glosses and even eye shadows I've realized that they will probably show up differently on people. Both Ipanema Beach & Luminous Pink show up lighter then I expected. Without me applying them, they look a little darker, so this was a surprise to me. I actually like it. Neither color is overpowering; they give off a soft and sweet look! Luminous Pink is a darker shade then Ipanema Beach. The first one is comes in the shade 631 and the other 210. My lip swatch doesn't really show you the exact difference, but you can see it on my hand swatch. These colors apply very easily on my lips and they both have a sparkle to it, that's really pretty. I'm really not sure of the price my mom brought it for, I believe the price might have been around $6. If you don't want to go to Walmart, the lipsticks can be found at Target or any other drug store!

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