Sharing The Love! (Twitter Edition)

Saturday, November 26, 2016
When I first started Blogging I had no clue what to do. It was around June of 2012 and I was pretty much a deer in headlights. So I decided to delete it. I was so clueless about how to start a blog and how to get others to read it. I known this seems like a "How I Started My Blog" type of post, but I promise it's not. So that same year in September I created a twitter account and the following month I created a new blog. This time I was a little prepared because, I saw other bloggers and vloggers Sharing their posts or videos. So basically twitter has been my favorite social media to promote my blog/posts. 
Back then when I was new there weren't that many helpful hashtags and pages as there are now. Twitter has definitely expanded for the blogging world! So I decided to share with you the ones I have found to be most helpful. I am unaware of every single hashtag out there, I'm just naming the ones I'm familiar with and you might be too. I'm listing Twitter pages that you should check out as well. So basically I'm sharing the love today! 

Here's a list of Twitter Pages I listed below that you should definitely check out! If you see a hashtag next to the link, that means they have twitter chats for you to join in. Although most of these are for bloggers, others are for everyone. If you're looking to promote a blog post you can tag these pages and or hashtag. These are here to help you! Be sure to give these pages a follow and if you more information, just click on the links below.

Beauty Bloggers  #bbloggers
Fashion Bloggers #fbloggers
The Girl Gang #thegirlgang
Sisters Chat #sisterchat

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