What I'm Doing On A Saturday!

Saturday, November 19, 2016
If you're like me you don't mind staying in, on a Saturday! But if you do go out I hope you have fun for the both of us (wink). No seriously staying home is not boring, I actually find it fun and more entertaining. For one I don't have to get all dolled up I'm quite comfortable in my sweatpants. I also don't have to worry about making plans or having to cancel them. Having fun on a Saturday night is simple and easy, especially when you're at home. 
Call me boring if you choose, but I'm a homebody! So as of now whatever your reading is happening now. I love watching movies on a Saturday, I mean the mood is calm and relaxing. Right now I'm watching Pearl Harbor, a 2001 film starring Ben Affleck and Josh Hartnett. I don't usually watch movies like this often, but its pretty good. Basically it's a war movie mixed with a love story. This movie is 3 hours and 3 minutes, I've only been watching for an hour and a half. Sometimes I have a hard time sitting still, but I've done pretty ok so far! Soon I'm going to start fixing dinner, I'm not sure what that will be though. Maybe pasta, I mean you can't go wrong with that! 
Besides watching Pearl Harbor I'm writing this post, obviously Ashley they already know that. I've been doing really good with blogging consistently for this month. So I'm also working on my blog, I have the rest of November almost finished. I'm really excited for Blogmas since I've never tried it before. I stopped watch the movie to fix dinner and it will resume once I finish eating. I like to multitask in case you're wondering how I'm doing all of these things at the same time! 
Well this is how my Saturday is going so far. I know all of you are in different parts of the country or world, so the times are not the same. With daylight savings it gets darker a lot faster, not really a fan of this but what can I do. So I finished eating my dinner. If you're wondering what I had, it was a baked potato and some ground turkey with peppers & onions in it. So I'm currently finishing Pearl Harbor. This movie is very powerful and sad too. Don't worry no spoiler alerts from me.

But anyway this was probably boring to you but I thought I would just share. I hope you're having a great weekend so far. What are you doing right now or what are your plans for later?

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