Blogmas Day 11: Simple Winter Stocking Stuffers!

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Some of my favorite gifts are the ones that come from the Christmas Stockings! It's like little surprises and most of them are ones that I find to be a necessity in life. Well maybe that's just me. I know that for me, I love buying stocking stuffers for people during Christmas time. I put a lot of thought in the items that I buy. Basically my process is getting things that can be very useful for everyday life. These items are very lightweight and can easily fit inside your purse or bag when you go out. With the holidays here everyone is scattering in the malls/stores for Christmas gifts. No one has the time or money to think about presents for the stockings. It's also getting very cold outside and winter is right around the corner. So it makes perfect sense for me to share with you, my favorite stocking stuffers to buy for the winter all under $8! This way you giving the ones you love things they need and you're staying within your budget. 

During the winter, it's obviously cold outside and the first thing that comes to mind are the hands. From my experience my hands are the first things to get super cold. So wearing gloves is very important. I know a lot of gloves can be expensive, but if you go to Walmart they have some for under $4! You can't be that.  

Chapstick/ Lip Products 
During the winter a lot of people experience dry skin, especially on the lips. One the best lip products is by eos. My lips feel moisturized and healthy looking and it only cost $3! If you're not a fan of the eos lip balm, chapsticks work the same way and for only $1! 

Hand Sanitizer 
This is extremely important because germs are not healthiest. Whether you touch your car doors, house doors, throw away garbage or whatever it's important to make sure your hands are clean. Again Walmart is great for finding stocking stuffers. The small Purex bottom are under $2! 

Hand Lotion 
Just like dry lips, everyone deals with dry hands. I like to use the suave therapy lotion for dry skin and the eos hand lotion in cherry blossom. Both lotions keep my hands very moisturized throughout the day. The eos hand lotion is about $5 and the suave skin therapy is about $4. 

I love wearing socks especially around the house. Not only do I like wearing festive socks during the holidays, but they definitely keep your feet warm. At Walmart they have spa socks costing only $3, that's a great deal. These socks are regular ones you wear outside, it's like slipper socks! 

I love candles, I mean who doesn't! They smell really good and you can stay warm without turning on the heater. Candles come in all sizes so you can easily purchase the small ones for $1. 

I hope you enjoyed reading and let me know what you like to give or receive as stocking stuffers! 

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