Blogmas Day 13: 10 Things I Love About Christmas!

Tuesday, December 13, 2016
I can't believe it's almost time for Christmas. There's only twelve days left, time is going by too fast. Anyway, I'm the biggest kid when it comes to Christmas! I love pretty much everything about it, except for the shopping part. That's my least favorite it's always crowded and everyone goes into fighting mode. But this isn't about the things I don't like, it's about what I do like. 
Christmas Movies:
I love watching Holiday movies, whether I'm alone or with my family. It's like I turn into a kid and that's what I enjoy! If you're curious to know what my favorite movies are, check it out here: My Favorite Christmas Movies!
Holiday Baking/Food:
I love the smell of Christmas cookies and the best part is the decorating. Although I do like eating Christmas cookies and it is a tradition, there's a lot more desserts to take advantage of this season. Like brownies, white chocolate blondies, chocolate cake and I'm going to stop there because it too much chocolate in one sentence! I think the holidays are an excuse just to eat and that's fine with me! I like going shopping for the food and I love preparing it, but when that process is over I'm like "What do we do now, I guess we just eat"! 
Decorating The Christmas Tree:
I love decorating it's one of the most relaxing things to do. I mean you put on your favorite Christmas songs and it's like you're having a party already. I also love seeing others people's decorations as well. Whether it's driving down the street or seeing the decorations in the stores! 
Giving Christmas Presents:
You're probably thinking this is silly, but this is really a favorite. Seeing the smile on someone's face is more special than anything. I mean receiving gifts is nice, it's real nice. But seeing others happy is rewarding and fulfilling. 
The Holiday Sales:
I can't believe I'm actually writing, but hey there's nothing wrong with catching a sale. I've been really lucky with that this time around and also discounts! 
Hot Chocolate: 
Well this is something I could drink all year long, but I guess it's more appropriate for the winter! 
Spending Time with Family:
I'm pretty sure this is everyone's favorite thing about Christmas! I know a lot of people live far from their families, so the holidays are a time for everyone to hangout and ketchup on life. 
I am obsessed with candles! I have a collection of them, or is that just me. I love the smell of them, especially on a cold day. With winter right around the corner it's the perfect time to get cozy under the cover and light your favorite candles. Plus you can binge on your favorite Netflix shows. 
Waking Up Early On Christmas Day:
I remember one year I couldn't go to sleep and I just laid there wondering if it was time to wake up! It seemed like I was waiting for hours, but it's worth it in the end! Everyone it's the same, wake early and jam to Christmas songs. 
Santa Claus:
You're probably laughing at me right now and I'm ok with that! But this is definitely a top reason, why I love Christmas. Leaving Santa Claus, cookies and milk on Christmas Eve was the best. But then waking up on Christmas Day to see it gone was more exciting and he actually took the time to write back! 
I hope you enjoyed reading and let me know what you love about Christmas!

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