Blogmas Day 18: Getting Into The Holiday Spirit!

Sunday, December 18, 2016
When you're a kid you can't wait for Christmas time, because of the presents! You're excited about helping mom or dad make cookies with a glass of milk for Santa Claus. There are so many exciting things about the holidays! But when you get older, it becomes more than that. Well at least for me it is. I think Christmas becomes more important as everyone gets older, because we understand the meaning of it. Like spending time with love ones and laughing at old times and most importantly creating new memories. Whenever the holiday season comes along, it brings me back to when I was a kid. All of the Christmas movies and the Christmas traditions I've experienced as a child are so important to me. This year I have really gotten into the holiday spirit, especially with blogging. This is my first year doing blogmas and it wasn't to bad. Hopefully next year it will be better, but with Christmas right around the corner I haven't had the motivation. But overall I am enjoying it and I love reading everyone else's blogmas post. It's always interesting to find out that you have the same things in common, with other bloggers.
My creativity has been tested during blogmas. Anyway, a couple of days after Thanksgiving, the Christmas tree in my house was put up. That's a first too and December hadn't even came yet! I was surprised about this, but excited at the same time. I know for some people they start decorating right after Halloween. I remember as a kid seeing neighbors decorating their house and wondering why, because I didn't think it was time yet. I always enjoyed riding in the car seeing the Christmas lights. The colorful bulbs are gorgeous and the plan ones look like sparkles to me! During the holidays the little things make me happy and I realized that it's not always the big things that are important. The holidays show me how grateful I should be and how i shouldn't complain. There are people who are going through worse things, then I could even imagine. As I have said before during this time I reflect on the year and how far I've come from the last. I'm really excited about Christmas time and always feel like a little kid again! 
I hope you enjoyed reading and let me know how you feel about the holidays!

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