Blogmas Day 2: Dealing With Holiday Stress!

Friday, December 2, 2016
With Christmas approaching in a few weeks everything is starting to get stressful. Whether it's looking for Christmas presents, buying decorations, or still searching for the best tree stuff like this is stressful. Before I continue, I would like to acknowledge those who are prepared and relaxing props to you! For others it's not a smooth ride at all. So I decided to share a few simple tips, to have a easy holiday season! 
Plan Ahead
This is the number one most important tip. After this I probably won't even bother with the other ones. Procrastinating and saving everything for the last minute is not a good idea. So planning ahead the things you want to accomplish this holiday season, would be a good idea. I know it's hard for everyone to remember anything during this time, because you have a lot on your mind. That's why I suggest writing all of your ideas in a notebook. This way you'll be prepared and organized at the same time. 
Go Shopping Early 
This is the second most important thing to do. Usually around the holidays, stores and online stores have sales. Everybody loves a sale so it's crowded in the stores so if you decide to wait late, a few things you want might be out of stock. During this time a lot of people are hosting holiday parties, so everyone is trying to stock up on food, party items and games. I mean even if you don't want to do all of your shopping at once, do it gradually little by little. 
Ask For Help
You don't have to plan alone. Get together with your family and friends. It's always nice going shopping and decorating with the people you love. For one it's easier when you have help, because things get finished quicker. Plus you can have fun and share a few laughs while decorating the Christmas tree or baking cookies!
I know this one is easier said than done. I know it gets hectic and wild around this time. Trust me I've experienced that person who's tried to push everyone, but then end up in the same place as you because it's crowded. But if you take a step back and refocus you will be able to start fresh and new. The Christmas holiday is suppose to be fun and relaxing with the people you care about. 
Although these tips were simple but these are the little things can help a lot. How do you handle holiday stress?

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