Blogmas Day 21: My Hair Routine During The Winter!

Wednesday, December 21, 2016
Not too long ago I mentioned hair products that I've been using for the winter/ colder days. I know technically winter just started, but I always associate the first of December as the start of winter I know that's weird. So I decided to share with you my hair routine. If you want to check out my old routine from a couple of years ago click here... But to be honest not a lot has changed, it's just an updated version for you! Before you keep reading, I wash my hair one to two times a week. Not all the time. Usually it just once.
So lately I've been prepping my hair for my wash day. I either prep the night before or an hour the day of. So first I detangle my hair using the swissco detangling brush. Most of the time I detangle the night before because it's easier. This is actually one of the longest process for my hair. Because my hair is a thick coarse texture it takes a while. Before I detangle I make sure to oil my hair because I don't want to detangle on dry hair, that's not good. After I do that I put more oil in my hair and massage my scalp. One because it promotes hair growth and two because I need to distribute the oil all over. But if I'm doing this the day of, I do a hot oil treatment. All that means is warming up the oil and applying it to your hair, then covering you hair with a plastic cap for 5 to 10 min., then rinsing it off and continuing to the next step. Sometimes I section my hair when applying oil and sometimes I don't. Also I detangle my hair before washing because it's easier to comb through the conditioner or hair masque in the washing process. Before I continue I wash my hair warm to cool/cold water. 
This is by far the easiest step to do. So I use my Cantu Shampoo and I only squeeze out a medium amount. I guess a little smaller than a handful, if that makes sense. After that I distribute the product throughout my hair, scratching or massaging my roots/scalp. As someone with curly hair, I've learned that it's only necessary to use the shampoo on the roots of the hair. Because you're only cleansing the buildup in your roots. Sorry if I'm being repetitive. So after scrubbing I rinse out the shampoo, letting the rest of it touch my hair. 
Now here's comes the long process. Just like the shampoo is there to cleanse my roots, the conditioner is for the ends of my hair. So after I apply my conditioner, I distribute the product with my hands or wide tooth comb. Sometimes I use the same detangling brush as the one in the preparation step. After that I keep the conditioner in for about ten minutes and then I rinse it out it. 
Deep Conditioning/ Treatment Masque:
During the deep conditioning process I use the same rules as I do in the regular conditioner step. If you've ever came in contact with a curly haired and she tells you that, she ran out of conditioner believe her. I use a lot of conditioner when washing my hair. I use even more when deep conditioning! So after I get a good amount of deep conditioner in distribute it down the shaft and ends of my hair. I also detangle my hair one last time before the washing process is over. Then I put a plastic cap over my head to let the deep conditioner soak in my hair. This is for about 30 minutes. While that's happening I continue with my regular showering. After rinsing I go on to the next step. 
The LOC Method:
  • Leave In Conditioner
  • Oil
  • Cream 
This step takes the longest because with this step, there's three. So I section my hair in four parts sometimes more depending on how much time I have. I first spray water in my hair, because it will be easier for the products to latch onto my hair and work. Then I distribute the leave in conditioner into each section and I brush it through with my denman brush. I really like the denman brush because I can define my curls with it. Then I basically repeat those same steps, except using the spray bottle with the oil and cream or curling pudding or sometimes curling custard. It all depends on how I'm feeling that day. Because there's a lot of product in my hair sometimes there's some left over so a take a microfiber towel or a t-shirt and I squeeze the rest out of my hair. 
Alternative If I Don't Do The LOC Method:
Because the previous step takes the longest, I have an alternative method. Sometimes I'm lazy and I don't feel like going through those three steps. So all I use is olive oil and gel. But before I do the same as the previous step which is spraying water on my hair, to re-wet. The product works well when water is used before hand.
Drying My Hair: 
Whether I use the LOC method or the alternative one, I still blow dry my hair with a diffuser. During the Summer time I let my hair air dry, because it's warm outside. But because it's Winter time it's colder and my hair my dry. Sometimes I let my hair air dry for ten minutes before I dry it with the diffuser. The dry time for my hair varies, but it takes approximately about 45 minutes to almost an hour. After I'm finished, if I remember I will apply oil to my hair. So that's it!
I hope you enjoyed reading and let me know about your washing process. 

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