Blogmas Day 22: Simple Secret Santa Gifts!

Thursday, December 22, 2016
Can you believe Christmas is in three days, where has the time gone. During Christmas time and even hosting holiday parties do you ever play games? Do you guys do secret Santa? I mean everyone loves participating in this, right? Well if you've waited to the last minute, don't worry I have some simple gift ideas for you. These items are affordable, convenient and can be used everyday. I know a lot of people enjoy it because you can be really creative. Plus you will get to see how well you know the person, or when you open the gift you can see if they know you well too! So here's my simple gifts for your secret Santa. Also a lot of people have a set budget, so you can't go over. I know this also happens with a grab bag. I think that's great because money can be low during the holidays. 
Gift Cards 
Who doesn't love a gift card and the good part about this gift idea, is that there a card for almost everything. iTunes, Restaurants, Google Play, Macy's, Amazon you name it! 
I love candles! They will have your whole house smelling really good and you'll stay warm, during these colder months. 
Coffee Mug 
I'm pretty sure you know someone who drinks coffee. If not they can put hot chocolate in it, like I do! I know at Walmart they have a gift package with a Starbucks mug with stuff to make coffee!
I love candy and as a gift you can't go wrong with that! 
Hat & Scarf Set
It officially Winter which means the temperature went from cool to cold in a matter of minutes. I think this is a great idea. 
Notepad or Planner & Pen 
With the year coming up everyone needs a notepad or planner, whichever one is best. Both help you stay organized, whether you're setting up daily or weekly goals or a to do list. 
I know these are very simple but they would be great as a gift and it's affordable. 

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