Blogmas Day 24: Christmas Eve And The Countdown To Christmas Day!

Saturday, December 24, 2016
Christmas Eve is the official countdown till Christmas! Usually it's very hectic for people during this time. You know, last minute shopping and wrapping gifts. Some people have parties. My mom hosted a Christmas party yesterday! It was good to spend time with family I don't get to see everyday. Usually Christmas Eve is just spent with my mom and sister. We like to watch movies and laugh, just having a good time. Tonight at 8:00 pm started the 24 hour marathon of "A Christmas Story"! I mentioned this movie in "My Favorite Christmas Movies" post. I also watched Elf and Home Alone, which are some of my other favorites. You know, I always wonder what other people are doing on Christmas Eve. That's the cool part about social media, seeing everyone having a good time with family! Again I can't believe it's literally almost Christmas time, I remember it was just the first of December. Participating in my first Blogmas this year was pretty cool! Next year I definitely doing this again. But I will step up my game, I promise. This post isn't regular or normal and technically I'm not either so it works out fine! If only you could see me laughing at myself right now. 
Basically I'm reflecting and remembering last Christmas. I'm also thinking about my family that isn't here anymore. You can't forget the memories you've had with them, but it isn't easy. That's why it's so important to cherish moments you have with family and friends. If you're like me it's hard to sleep during Christmas Eve. Remember when you were a kid and you would keep waking up. It's like every five minutes your waking up wondering if Santa came. How about baking cookies for him with a glass of milk. The best part was always the notes that was left from him. When Christmas comes around everyone has an excuse to be a kid again. This year it didn't really snow, I mean it one time but it melted the next day. I a lot of people hope for snow around this time. If it doesn't come on Christmas I'm pretty sure it will happen before the year is over. 
Let me know what you do on Christmas Eve and if anything changed this year! 

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