Blog Post Ideas

Friday, February 17, 2017

Everyone knows that as a blogger sometimes it's hard trying to find something interesting to talk about. Then there's other times where you have writers block. This happens to me a lot. But as time went on I realized that there are so many things to talk about. So I decided to write a list of blog post ideas, just in case you get stuck in a rut! To be honest this is to also help me, the next time I struggle finding an idea to write about.
Makeup Tutorials (Step by step)
Makeup Hauls
Product Reviews 
Favorite Hair Care Products 
Current Hair Routine 
Everyday Hair Tools
Tips For Healthy Hair
Favorite SkinCare Products
Current SkinCare Routine 
DIY's (Exfoliants/Scrubs) 
Products You Can't Live Without
Daily Routine 
Tips On How To Stay Organized 
Ways To Stay Positive 
Tips On Staying Motived 
Tips On Staying Stress Free 
House Decorating 
Clothing Haul
Shoe Haul
Look Book
Ways To Tie A Scarf
How To Style A Plain Shirt 
Picking The Right Jewelry For An Outfit 
Blog Ideas
Photography Tips 
How To Organize Your Blog
Recycling Old Blog Posts
Ways To Spice Up Your Blog 

I hope you enjoyed reading! If you find these ideas useful let me know or if you have any tips for me, feel free to share! 

How To Stay Inspired While Blogging

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Blogging is hard work to be honest. Whether it's just a hobby, part time job or full time job, it's difficult. Trying to think of new and interesting topics to talk about and taking the "perfect" photo is a lot. So there have been times where I just lost all confidence and motivation in anything I did, related to blogging. I didn't want to think about it or be apart of it. I was lacking inspiration. After awhile I came to the conclusion that my rut was going to continue, if I didn't do something about it. I gained my motivation from little things that mean so much. Have you ever heard of the saying "sometimes the little things mean more than the bigger things". Whether it was a comment on my blog or someone asking if I was ok. That meant a lot to me, because it showed that I was noticed. Not in a conceited though, I hope you understand. So during the times where I stopped blogging, I always found myself going to the same places for inspiration. I'm going to share these ways of staying inspired while blogging and I hope this helps you! 

Reading Blogs
This is the number one way I find motivation to blog again. In no way is this to "scope out" the competition, because this isn't one. I love reading other blogs for ideas, especially posts that have tips to be better. For example, "Ways to make your pictures better" or "Things you could do for your blog if you don't feel like writing". These are super helpful to me and I've improved so much with my blog.
I'm obsessed with Pinterest, I can pin for hours! Whenever I'm not in the best mood or I need some motivation and inspiration, this is where I go. There is so much on Pinterest that I don't even know where to start. I love pinning things like makeup, curly hair pictures &  tips, hair & beauty, wedding inspiration, recipes, health/ fitness and celebrities! Depending on my mood that day I will focus on one to two boards! But if I'm feeling all over the place, I will pin everything! Whether you're a beauty, lifestyle, fashion, or food blogger the amount of ideas are endless!
Pinterest and Instagram are my favorite social media sites! In my opinion both are very similar to one another. I'm always inspired by Instagram feeds to improve and up my blogging game. Plus it's really interesting to see what someone is like by looking at their feed!
Twitter is helpful in finding motivation because of the chats you can get involved in. If you have a question, most likely someone will answer you. As for the twitter chats, there are so many. Sometimes it gets overwhelming because it's a lot and I know for me I forget. 
For me, if I'm down in the dumps I like to change the look of my blog. It can be little changes or big ones. Whether you want to change your blog name, design or the things you like to talk about. I say go for it, this will definitely give you motivation. Sometimes staying with the same topics can get quite boring, so feel free to spice things up! 
I hope you enjoyed reading and if you have things you do to stay inspired, let me know! 

Matrix Oil Wonders

Sunday, February 12, 2017
My hair is very complicated and most times trying to tame it gets very stressful. I could spend so much time on my hair and it would still look a mess. One thing I struggle most with, when it comes to my hair is the frizz. I usually experience it on the front of my hair and on the crown. This has always been a problem and I'm usually cool with trying out different products to fix this. As you know in previous posts, I've been talking about Notino. Their site offers a variety of beauty products and it's very affordable. That's where I got a hold on the "Matrix Oil Wonders Nourishing Oil Shine For Wavy And Curly Hair". 
The Matrix Oil Wonders is an oil that nourishes curly and wavy hair, while adding shine to it. It's suppose to tame curly and frizzy hair. Although it's suitable for all types of hair, curly and wavy girls will benefit more from it. This is a no rinse treatment, which means it stays in your hair. The matrix oil can also be used prior to washing or added to your conditioner. Matrix Oil Wonders makes your hair easier to comb and smooths your curls, meanwhile improving the quality of your hair. This oil contains extracts from  fruits of the murumuru palm to hydrate your scalp, protecting the hair from free radicals. This also makes your hair smell good. This products costs $17.45 and the bottle itself is 4.2 fl oz.
I have used this for a while and I'm very surprised at the results. Now I know I've said I'm experimental with the products I try, but sometimes they can be misleading. I'm glad I was wrong about this product. As with any product, you won't see the results overnight but I saw some difference after the second time. But after  using it for awhile I could see a big difference with my hair. Like I said before my hair is very complicated and trying to find something that my hair doesn't fight against, is a struggle. So seeing my hair not as frizzy made me happy. One thing I really love is that my hair is so smooth and much softer.
My process while using this oil is very simple. I apply the oil to my hair before washing, as well as with the conditioner. This ensures that my hair stays soft and easy to manage throughout the process. I've also used this to style my hair, which helps to keep it moisturized and hydrated. This is really good to use when your wearing your hair in a protective style. For example, when I'm braiding or twisting my hair for a, braid out or twist this oil helps. So when it's times to take my hair a loose, my hair stays shiny and moisturized! A lot goes along way, so this product lasts you a long time, which is a plus. I definitely recommend checking this product out, especially if you're a curly or wavy girl. 
For more information on the Matrix Oil Wonders For Curly and Wavy Hair click below
 I hope you enjoyed reading and let me know what products you like to use to stop the frizz!