Tuesday, March 14, 2017

No girl should be compared to another. No girl is better than the other. I've always said If I could inspire one person, that would complete a goal of mine. This choice was out of the blue, but I also thought long and hard about. You're probably saying hurry up already, so I'll just say it. I recently created a twitter page besides the one I already have. I almost gave up, but if you want something you have to work hard for it. As you all know Twitter can be a big problem with creating usernames, because all of them seem to have been taken. I came up with a lot of names, but when I searched for them users already had them. Some of them haven't even been on since a few years ago. But I guess this was my challenge. This was my test to see if I would give up. 

So I kept searching and searching, then I realized I wanted to create a hashtag. Just like a username hashtags are just as hard. You have to be original, bring something new, something fresh and something different.  When I researched this hashtag it was used before, but it wasn't a lot of tweets and it dated back a couple of years ago. So I decided to use it! With that being said I finally figured out the name and hashtag of this page. It's called "No Girl Is Perfect". It's about the everyday girl problems or thoughts. We can talk about makeup, clothes, wearing no makeup, relationships, the single life, anything. This is like an online hangout spot. There's no limits for this page. I created this page so girls could realize, there isn't a such thing as perfect. You what that's ok, we all have flaws. I want everyone to feel comfortable with who they are and this is a great way to meet people and connect. Sometimes it's hard to find your voice in a place that's big and no one will listen, But that changes now! I want you to find your voice hear. The only thing that is not tolerated is bashing others, saying things to hurt others and name calling. This will be a friendly environment. Whether you're married or single, young or older this is a place to have fun. It doesn't matter what shape, size, color, race or age! I want this to be like a slumber party! Over time I will create a chat for this page/ hashtag, but I want this to be more established before I go to that.  

I don't know where this will end up but I feel like it's time to take some risks. I hope you will join me on this journey. I want you to feel comfortable on this page and feel free to let me know your thoughts. To connect with the page you can use the hashtag NoGirlIsPerfect. Also you can just tweet to the page itself! If you have an opinion, advice or need help tweet using the hashtag or tag the page. If you would like to checkout my new page out and give it a follow, I would appreciate that.  I hope you enjoyed reading this and I'm really excited for this next step! So don't forget to click the link below and join in.

Twitter: No Girl Is Perfect

~I originally posted this on October 29, 2016 but I decided that I needed to go into further details!