3 Bloggers Who Inspired Me To Blog Again!

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Never in a million years did I think, I would have a blog. But here I am! There have been times where I just didn't know if this was for me. I have realized that blogging is something that has changed me in a positive way and I don't see it going away. Whenever I'm feeling down about blogging, I always find myself going to some amazing blogs for help. But it's the people behind those blogs that have motivated me. 

Each of them work so hard on their blogs and photos. Sometimes I wonder where they find all of that motivation. I applaud these bloggers for their dedication. Although I've been blogging for almost five years, I've learned a lot from the past year or so. 

Jemma is one of the most coolest people in the world, to bad I haven't met her yet. Her personality is very bubbly and colorful just like her hair. Jemma takes pride in anything that she does and that encourages me to work harder. She is also very talented, she creates blog headers and has an Etsy shop! Also she's responsible for creating "The Girl Gang". This group of girls are super supportive! Here's the link to her blog: Dorkface

Paula is down to earth and very creative, especially with her photography. I struggle just to take five decent photos. Her blogging tips are endless and I've learned a lot from reading her posts. Her tips have also helped me get in touch with my creative side. I actually have fun taking pictures and experimenting with different props. You know if she decided to create a book, I'm pretty sure it would be called "The Bloggers Guide For Taking Great Photos"! Here's the link to her blog: Thirteen Thoughts

Amie has to be one of the nicest people around. You would of thought I've known her for years in real life! But seriously she's very supportive and tries to help people out any way she can. Her posts are very helpful and they make me think outside the box. These posts have helped me realize that I can write interesting posts that people can relate to. Here's the link to her blog: The Curvaceous Vegan

 I hope you enjoyed reading! Be sure to checkout these lovely gals! Let me know what bloggers inspire you. 

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  1. Ashley, I just checked out all of them! Amazing girls! I must say that my favorite is Paula from Thirteen Thoughts :) I get it why she is on the list of your inspiration!