13 Reasons Why

Thursday, July 6, 2017

I'm usually picky about the shows I watch and to be honest this one isn't a show I thought I would watch. I'm glad I decided to watch and most importantly I was wrong. This was different and as I finished watching the last minutes of season one, I realized what a profound affect it really had on me. 
Before I continue I've heard and seen a lot of mixed reviews on this Netflix original. I have had this post in my drafts unpublished, because I wasn't sure if I should right what I thought about it. I also understand that this is a sensitive topic to talk about, so if I offend anyone in anyway I apologize in advance. I would never intentionally disrespect anybody. This is just my thoughts about 13 reasons why. 
There are so many lessons in 13 Reasons Why and it's much deeper than any other show I've watched. That's because this is reality, it's real life. This happens to a lot of people and it's not really talked about like it should. Bullying and Suicide is a serious and important topic that needs to be discussed. I mean you hear people talk about this and you see people writing about it on the internet. But it's not enough. 
For those of you who have not seen 13 Reasons Why, I strongly recommend taking the time out to do so. I will summarize the basics, but I won't tell you more. It's thirteen episodes, hence the title. A girl named Hannah Baker commits suicide and throughout the season you find out: who, what, when, where, Why and how everything got to this point. 
There are so many people like Hannah Baker out there that need someone to talk to and they are crying out for help. Don't ignore them and don't ignore the signs. This show has taught me a lot and it made me reflect on my own high school experience and how I felt during my teenage years. 
If you haven't seen 13 reasons why, usually this is the time where I recommend this show to you but I can't. Not because the show was necessarily bad it was actually a good show. But I wouldn't want this to trigger someone's emotions whatever you may have gone through or if you still are. I do however think some scenes are difficult to handle if you can relate. 
This was suppose to be a review, but it ended up being something different. I honestly don't know what to really say, like I've said before there have been mixed reviews on this show but don't let that sway your opinion. If you feel comfortable watching then do it. If you're uncomfortable, don't feel pressured to watch. 
Did you watch13 reasons why, let me know your thoughts?


  1. I have watched the show, but haven't read the book yet. And I have to agree with you, that the ending of this series really does leave an impression. It's not something you can just turn off and forget about. It followed me around for quite a bit, actually.
    The show really is confronting, handles so many difficult subjects and for that I'm - in a way - grateful. Nowadays there are still too many taboos and with this, I hope it was an extra push to get rid of those.

    I am curious about the book, though, and wonder if it will have the same impact on me or that "seeing" it, made it bigger, larger and more confrontational.

    As you said, I wouldn't recommend this to anyone who might be triggered by any situations that occur in this series. It is extremely confronting.

    1. I probably should have read the book before watching the show. Then I could compare and understand more. I feel like this show made people talk more about this serious topic.

  2. I watched it when it first came out! I thought it was really well done. Yes, it is a hard topic to discuss, but this illustrates how small actions can lead to something that can change lives. Try to live everyday the best you can, and spread happiness and kindness to everyone you meet.