8 TV Shows You Should Watch!

Monday, July 24, 2017

I'm very picky when it comes to finding a good TV show. So when I find one it has to have the qualities of a great show. For example, a consistent story line(s) a great cast an interesting plot and cliffhangers! Surprisingly these shows have become my favorites and others I don't watch as often but I binge on reruns. If you're looking for new shows to watch, new or old here are 10 TV shows you should watch. 
Law & Order: SVU
Mariska Hargitay is a great actress and her portrayal as Olivia Benson is brilliant. She makes you feel like you're in an episode of law and order. If you're not into police shows then this might not be for you, but the drama and reality of the story lines are very deep. In every episode the beginning grabs your attention and the plot stays consistent and it doesn't drift into a another direction. Olivia Benson's is caring but at the same time she plays no games. I like and admire this character as well as actress Mariska Hargitay, because there's still a lot of people who don't believe a woman should be in charge. So I think both actress and character are breaking barriers! Law and Order can be found on NBC Wednesday nights or repeats on the USA Network and the ION channel. 
Criminal Minds
This is a show that I haven't watched in two seasons, but it still remains a must watch. It's hard not to get attached to characters because they inspire and you can't help but to feel compassion for them. I still watch repeats of this show because it's that good. This is also a police FBI kind of show, I can't help it. Like most shows you have to watch from the beginning to understand certain obstacles and story lines that some of these characters or cases lead up to. Criminal Minds is no different. Criminal Minds comes on Wednesdays on CBS but also A & E and the ION channels. 
Pretty Little Liars 
I did not care for this show at all when it first came on. I was not interested until the third season. So I binged watched the two previous seasons to understand what was going on. I will admit that I was wrong, because I really like this show. It has a bit of suspense, mystery and drama. It's very intriguing and it grabs you right in. The last episode was on June 27 but this show will go down as one of the best! Pretty Little Liars came on the Freeform on Tuesday nights, but you can watch it on Netflix or Hulu on computers. 
Chrisley Knows Best
This show is a reality but it's not like the usual ones you see. This family seems so genuine and I can tell they love each other. There is always a valuable lesson to be learned and you will cry laugh and feel inspired while watching this show. Chrisley Knows Best comes on the USA network and sometimes on E! 
Chicago PD
This is my last police show, I promise! Chicago PD was a show I didn't expect to like so much. But after watching a few crossover episodes with Law & Order SVU, I knew I had to watch. I started watching this show when season three premiered and during this time I binged on the first two seasons. This show is one of the best and I'm always trying to solve  the cases with them. As with other shows like law and order and criminal Minds you can't help put to love each character. You can watch this show on Wednesdays after law and order or on demand. 
Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives
The food network has to be one of my favorite channels. This show is my number one favorite. The food is great to look at and one day I might visit some of these places. So if you're a food person you should definitely watch. I should warn you that you'll be hungry before the show even starts! 
Famous In Love
Marlene King is known for creating the Pretty Little Liars series and although it's ended, she didn't leave us empty handed. Famous In Love is a great show and it got my attention quick. To summarize what this show is about, I'll just say love lust betrayal drama and many secrets! If you're into shows that have a juicy plot and interesting story lines, I definitely recommend this show. It comes on Freeform (previously ABC Family). It usually comes on Tuesdays but while it's not on television, it is however on the freeform app. 
Two Broke Girls
I'm sad two broke girls was cancelled, this show always cheered me up. There was never a dull moment and the chemistry between Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs (Max and Caroline) was great. This show is always showing repeats on television. I believe on TBS, so if you're interested in watching it's on this channel. 
If you want these shows already or if you have suggestions for me, let me know!

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