Bringing Back The 30 Day Squat Challenge!

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Along time ago I wrote a post on doing the "30 Day Squat Challenge". Although it was so hard as the amount of squats increased, I enjoyed it and completed it! It worked really well for me and I felt good. So for the new year I decided to bring this back. I'm not a fitness person at all, but I do want to be healthier. I found this challenge on Pinterest and I became interested in participating. Before I continue, Pinterest is very helpful if you want healthy recipes and different exercises for certain body parts. 

When I first did the squat challenge,  I was pleased with the results I saw. But I never really continued doing squats on a regular basis. This time however I plan on jumping back in and being consistent. As the days and number in squats increase it will burn more, but my glutes will thank me later! I plan on doing more monthly challenges because I think it's fun and keeps my motivation up. 

I hope you enjoyed reading! Are there any challenges you want to try or doing right now?

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