Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker

Wednesday, December 13, 2017
I’m pretty much obsessed with perfumes and fragrances, those are two different things right? I sure hope so because I don’t want to embarrass myself right now. I remember being a kid and wanting to try on different scents in the mall while mom shopped! Basically perfume is girls best friend, I mean who doesn’t love it. Anyway, when a celebrity comes out with a product I’m in no rush to try it. It takes a lot for me to try something from a famous person, but when it’s Sarah Jessica Parker I’m pretty convinced it’s worth the try. 

Sarah Jessica Parker’s Lovely perfume is suppose to be a romantic feminine perfume for all modern, sensual women. Lovely symbolizes beauty love and tenderness. In this perfume are pure essences of apple, fragile lavender,  sweet mandarin, rosewood, cedarwood, seductive orchid and aromatic patchouli. The tender woody and floral combination creates a refreshing smell calmness. The smooth base of lovely is dominated by amber and musk. The size of this bottle is 3.4 FL OZ and it costs $21.65 and will last a long time. I got this perfume from Notino, which is a an online store I talk about a lot. They have a variety of products that are great for both women and men.

The intensity of this perfume is pretty strong when you first spray it. This is something that makes me hesitant when getting perfumes, but after a minute or two the smell settled down. I actually liked it, the smell is very pleasant and it’s a peaceful feeling. I really like about this perfume is how long it lasts through out the day. For me the perfume lasts a few hours which is better than the ones I’ve tried on in the past. One way I like to apply perfume, is by spraying it and then walking into it and the smell lingers across the room! Am I the only one who does that?

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Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker

I hope you enjoyed and let me know what perfumes you like to use!


  1. SJP is fab, I have to trued tbis one before, like you I’m not usually a fan of celebrity fragrances as they’re not usually that great I find. I would be tempted by this though as SJP is such an icon after her roll in sex and the city!

    Samantha x

  2. Oh I love this perfume!! I used to wear it all the time! xx