44 Thoughts While At The Movie Theater

Tuesday, January 23, 2018
Is it me or does a million thoughts run in your mind, when you are out in public? When for me the movie theater is the worse. I'm constantly thinking about seats, germs and most of all the noise. So I decided to share the thoughts I have while at the movies and maybe you have them too!

Why is the line so long, don't people have anything else to do.

Hopefully by the time I get in front of the line my movie won't be sold out.

I haven't been to the movies in a while, is it still the same price.

What snacks should I get.

Will I look like a pig if I get every kind of candy.

Oh, I can't forget about the popcorn. 

Of course I need something to drink with my popcorn. I want something to wash down all that salt. 

Finally I'm almost in the front of the line. 

Why are people staring at me, is there something on my face. 

This movie is rated r do I have my id with me, what if I don't. 

It's my turn now, thank goodness. 

Crap I should have taken my money out earlier. I didn't even clean out my bag, now I'm going to be forever looking for my wallet. 

Great, the people behind me are staring to get pissed. 

I'm nervous and I'm starting to sweat. I know I have my wallet, where is it.

I found my wallet, now I can get my ticket and walk in embarrassment. 

Hopefully it's not crowded in there. 

Where am I going to sit.

I don't want to sit in the front, but the middle is not my favorite place to be. 

If I sit in the back I can be closer to the door, if I have to use the bathroom. 

If I sit in the back what someone tall comes in, then I can't see. 

I guess middle seats it is. 

Why is this person walking towards me.

Out of all the available seats, why sit next to me.

Now I can't stretch my arms. 

Thanks a lot person who just had to sit near me. 

I'm hungry but I don't want to eat and make chewing noises. What if people tell me to shut up. 

What if I get popcorn on the person next to me. 

Am I chewing loud.

I'm so thirsty, I'm sure it would hurt to take just a sip. 

I can hear myself making gulping sounds, I should just slide down my seat. Maybe no one will notice. 

Being in love in nice, but must show pda while I'm watching the movie. 

I want to react to the movie, but what if they think I'm loud or sound annoying. 

Why is this person talking so loud, if I can have self control so can you. 

Why is this person yelling at the movie, the actors can't hear you. 

Wait I think I'm the one yelling. 

But it can't just be me, right. 

I'm starting to feel uncomfortable, is this movie over soon. 

Great the movie is over but my legs fell asleep and I can't get up. 

Are people really in a rush to leave, I can't even enter the aisle to walk. 

Is there something going on, because I'm getting pushed back and forth. 

I just tripped over my own foot. 

A few more step before the exit. 

Is this a push or pull kind of door. 

I'm finally out of the theater. 

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