Tips For Natural Hair During The Winter

Tuesday, January 16, 2018
If you’re someone with natural hair you understand the struggles we go through during the Winter time. Our hair goes through constant phases and sometimes our hair routine changes. For me it feels like during the Winter I have to change up my whole routine. But over the past four years, I’ve learned what works and does not work for my hair. I also learned about natural hair in general, so I decided share some tips to get you through the Winter season. 

Protective Hairstyles 
Every now and then it’s important to give your hair a much needed break. From all the stress the hair has gone through, whether you have straightened once in awhile or combing it’s time to put your hair in an untouchable hairstyle. There are so many options out there like: braids, twists, faux locs, and wigs! 

If you’re like me then your hair tends to get dry during Winter and Summer. It’s crucial to keep the hair moisturized, because it’s more re prone to being brittle and eventually breaking if it’s dry. Using oils like: olive oil, jojoba oil, Argan oil, Moroccan oil and etc. is necessary. Every so often I would recommend using a hot oil treatment as well. You don’t have to buy this, you can simply warm up some olive oil and apply to the hair. If you have your own method that’s fine, this is what works for me. 

Diffuse Your Hair
Unlike the Summertime you can’t really get away with air drying your hair. Because the weather is cold outside it will take much longer to dry and you can get a cold which you don’t want to happen. If you don’t want to spend the extra time diffusing, then braid your hair and wear a cute hat. If that doesn’t work, put your hair in a protective style!

Deep Condition 
Every week you should deep condition your hair or at least every two weeks. This ensures your hair is moisturized, healthy and strong. 

Change Up Hair Products 
Honestly I didn’t think there would be a difference when changing the products you use, but I was wrong. When you use your hair products for a long time, the hair gets use to it and therefore it doesn’t work as well anymore. So I definitely recommend changing things up. Make sure it’s sulfate free, because sulfates strip the hair of its natural oils. 

I hope you enjoyed reading and have found this helpful. What tips that you use for your hair? 

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