Nuxe Paris Body 24 hr Moisturizing Lotion For Dry Skin

Saturday, February 17, 2018

I love Winter because of the snow and of course Christmas! But I don’t like the dry skin, I’m left with. So it’s very important to find good products, that moisturizes and hydrates my skin. That’s when I got the Nuxe Paris Body, 24hr moisturizing body lotion from Notino. Notino is my go to place for beauty products! They always have a nice range of skincare, hair and makeup products at an affordable price. You’ll also find good sales, which is a plus. 
Nuxe 24 hr body lotion provides a nourishing formula for supple skin. Included in this moisturizing lotion is wheat extracts and wood to help provide the moisture you need for healthy skin. The sweet Almond and Sunflower oil reverses dryness of the skin. Most importantly the Almond and orange flower petals helps soothe and soften the skin. 

The lotion is creamy but does not have a thick consistency. The smell is pleasant and is not strong at all. For a 6.7 oz bottle that costs about $17, this is a nice size that goes a long time. I’ve been using this product for some time and I like how skin feels. During this Winter season, besides my hands and around my nose I experience dryness on my elbows. While using this lotion, the dryness has reduced. To use this you apply the lotion in the morning and or evening to the whole body. I like to use this both morning and night, but to each it’s own. Overall this has hydrated my skin and it’s more moisturized. 

For more information on this lotion click here:
Nuxe Paris 24 hr Moisturizing Body Lotion

I hope you enjoyed reading! Let me know your absolute must have products, for healthy and soft skin!

Origins Makeup Removing Jelly

Friday, February 16, 2018
The one thing anyone who wears makeup hates, is the process of taking it off. Taking off makeup is a long task that no one wants to deal with. Honestly, that’s why I think people go to sleep still wearing makeup. But what’s  even harder, is trying to find a product that takes off all of your makeup. Some products I’ve used in the past, only takes off like 75% and then I’m left trying to scrub the rest off. This gets really irritating because you have makeup smear stains on your face, from trying to take it off. 
But when I had the opportunity to try the brand Origins, I couldn’t resist. Up until I tried this I had no idea about this, I’ve never heard of this brand so it was definitely new to me. The Origins Original Skin Cleansing  Makeup Removing Jelly product is a great one! I’m so use to makeup wipes, so I wasn’t sure I would like this. This removing jelly is good for people with dry, normal and oily skin. It removes dirt, impurities, eye and face makeup. Included in this makeup remover is willowherb, it helps restore radiance to the skin. 

When applying it felt cool on my lips and the product quickly removed my makeup. The consistency was thick, but did not leave a greasy or sticky feeling! While using this I’ve found that it’s easier to remove the makeup in circular motions. This will prevent redness. Do not apply to much of the jelly, I would suggest putting on a little at  a time. Overall I recommend this product.
I hope you enjoyed reading! What are your favorite makeup remover products, I would love suggestions?
*I received this product for free to test, but all opinions are 100% honest. 

Lubriderm Daily Moisture Lotion

Thursday, February 15, 2018
This Winter has not been the best for my skin, it’s almost dryer than the desert. Maybe I’m exaggerating a little but, it’s really bothering me. Finding different products for my skin use to be hard because, I didn’t know my skin type. I have combination skin and believe it or not it changes during this cold season. One problem that is constantly annoying is my hands. Around my knuckles and between my fingers it’s dry. If the dryness is bad, I experience cracks. Sometimes it’s painful for me, especially when I apply lotion. The cracks of my hands look like tiny scratches and it makes me cringe. Luckily I don’t bleed, I may sound extreme but I’ve seen this happen to people before. 

I recently about two months ago, for my first tattoo! When the tattoo process was over I had to follow the aftercare instructions. One of them being, to use a fragrance free lotion. The two options they gave me were, Lubriderm and Curel. I ended up getting the Lubriderm because I wasn’t just using this for my tattoo. I felt like it would benefit my skin to. On the front it says for dry skin which, is just what I needed. For a decent size bottle it cost about $7, that is not bad at all. The product goes along way too, I’ve been using it for like two months. The Lubriderm daily moisture lotion is great for normal to dry skin and as I said before, it's fragrance free. Included in this lotion is vitamin b5 to keep the skin moisturized and it lasts up to 24 hours.
Overall I would definitely repurchase this lotion! This lotion does not leave a greasy feeling and it is not sticky. One most important thing I like about Lubriderm, is how it makes my skin feel. My skin feels soft and it does lasts a long time. I feel very moisturized and I can go awhile without reapplying. I would recommend this lotion, it is worth the buy and you wouldn't regret it. This is definitely a go to product for me and I use it all of the time. 
I hope you enjoyed reading! What are your favorite products to keep you moisturized during Winter?

Nuxe Reve De Miel Ultra Comforting Face Cream

Monday, February 12, 2018
The first thing people look at when talking to you, is most likely your face. My face is one of my biggest insecurities, because of my blemishes and redness around my nose and at the start of my cheeks. I have a love hate relationship with my face, sometimes my skin looks good and other times it's a mess. Finding a product(s) to suit my skincare need is always a challenge. I have used some really good products, but actually creating a routine that will give me the results I am looking for has proven to be difficult. If one product helps sensitive skin that's great, but then it might not help dryness. So looking for an all around product that can do everything would be nice.

I became a fan Nuxe reve de miel products, because they really have helped my skin. Just like a lot of the products I use, I got the product I will be talking about from Notino. Their products come in a variety for women and men, plus it's affordable. The Nuxe reve de miel ultra comforting face cream for dry and sensitive skin is something I've been looking for. During the Winter my skin get really dry and I am constantly moisturizing every chance I get. My face is the only thing that's somewhat sensitive. So this product has to be good! This face cream is nourishing and soothing, so it protects dry and sensitive skin; that provides the skin with a smooth and supple feeling. It works to reduce redness and irritated skin, making sure it's hydrated throughout the day.

Great for all ages, about 92% of this face cream's ingredients are all natural. Included in the ingredients are: Honey which repairs the skin, Argan Oil and Barley which soothes the skin, Shea Butter provides nourishment and hydration that refines the skin. Also the Sunflower Oil Derivative, Safflower Ceramides and Precious Plant Oils nourishes the skin and replenishes lipids. Most importantly, the combination of Sunflower Derivative and Vitamin E repairs the skin and protects from external aggressions.
The Nuxe face cream is nice to use. I’ve been using it for awhile and it has really helped my dry skin. Overall my skin look moisturized and feels soft. I experience redness on certain places of my face and this product does help reduce that. This is a cream product, so it’s creamy and has a thick consistency. You apply this product in the morning after washing your face and neck. I like honey, which is the first scent you smell. When I first applied this to my face and neck, the smell was a little strong. But when you apply it everyday, you start to get use to it so it’s not as overwhelming. This product is about $23 and it’s 1.7 oz. The face cream goes a long, so you don’t need to use a lot at one time. 

If you want to know more about this product click the link below!

I hope you enjoyed reading and let me know what products you like to use!