3 Things That Annoy Me With Social Media

Tuesday, October 30, 2018
Social media is great for networking,  meeting people, sharing your unpopular opinions, promoting yourself and creating friendships. Well those are the great things about social media and the downside is cringeworthy. But with every positive, comes a negative right? 

To Follow Or Not To Follow
Have you ever been followed by someone, only to have them unfollow you minutes after? Like how did this even start and why is it still happening for that matter. Before I continue, I’m not talking about unfollowing when you lose interest in their social media. For example, it happens often with follow threads. First off, these threads are here to help everyone grow a following. The rules are simple: Retweet this tweet and then follow everyone who retweets as well. Half of the people don’t bother following back and then the other half follows you momentarily. Honestly why bother even participating in the thread. But what’s even worst, is when someone just wants to build their following so they follow all of these accounts just to unfollow after they get the follow back. It’s I understand you want to grow your Twitter or more so Instagram, but there is a right way to do things. 

Since When Did Makeup Become A Crime
We all have our own opinions about certain situations that are going on in the world. Right now I don’t mean politics, I’m talking about makeup. Clearly a lot of people are concerned with everyone “caking their faces” instead of real issues. For me I think it’s ridiculous. I mean everyone has a right to their own thoughts, but there’s a way to do it. You don’t have to be rude about it either. So what if someone loves makeup, it’s an art of expression. I’m that great with makeup, but I love seeing other people living their life and showing off their talents with makeup. Makeup is not a crime. If you wear makeup that’s awesome, if you don’t you’re awesome.

The Amount Of Followers Shouldn’t Matter
I’m sure it’s nice to have a large following on social media. That’s great and all, but people with a small following matter too. I’m writing this to bash influencers and or bloggers with a bigger following, this is for companies who feel micro influencers do not matter. Have you ever found a great opportunity that fits your interests and you would be a perfect fit? But then as you keep reading you need to have a following of 25k or 300k. It’s like smaller accounts are important too, we use the same products or clothing. Why should one review be more important than the other. 

Thank you for reading my post! Is there anything that annoys you about social media, that I did not mention?

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