I’m A Proud Introvert And I Approve This Message!

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Just because an introvert is at home chilling does not mean that they don’t have friends. Understand that we’re content with staying home on a Saturday night binge watching Netflix and eating a tub of ice cream. Also introverts are not boring, we just enjoy staying on the couch or in bed on the weekends doing nothing but living our best lives! 

There’s a misconception about introverts and it really confuses me. Why do people feel the need to force introverts to get out of their comfort zone. First of all we’re not awkward, it may seem like all of us are out of place and you could probably point us out from a mile away. The point is stop judging we are fine and content. There is no need to call fun fairy. Unfortunately I don’t think that makes sense, but I’m sticking with it. 

Another thing that bothers me is when people who are the opposite get around introverts, they assume we’re party poopers or we are trying to damper the party. That is not here, we just like being snuggled under the covers and feeling cozy by the fireplace or some lit candles. It’s interesting the things I here so here’s a list of what I heard people say or read on social media. 

“They are weird”
“They have no friends”
“They are boring”
“They are awkward”
“They are anti social”
“They take the fun out of everything”
“They have no life”
“No one wants to be around them”
“They don’t know how to have fun or what that even means”

This is just a few of many things people say. In reality we’re probably stuffing our faces with popcorn, laughing at the latest comedy. Watching the latest makeup/ hair tutorial, looking up recipes on Pinterest, playing board games or throwing parties at “home”. We are not robots, we’re just normal people like you. Not everyone is the same and that is perfectly fine. 

Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Tell me the things you hear people say and does it annoy you? 

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