Taking Care Of Yourself Is Important

Thursday, February 14, 2019

There’s a difference between taking care of yourself and being selfish. A lot of people are confused by the two, so here’s why these are not the same things. When you take care of yourself: you are focusing on your health, mind, body and spirit. You are finding your happiness and improving your well being and lifestyle. You surround yourself with positive people. When you are selfish, you mainly think about you and no one else. The only person you’re concerned with is you and taking peoples feelings into thought and consideration is not on your list. Now that I have explained these meanings, the next time you want to take care of yourself remember that’s not being selfish. 

Everyone needs to start practicing self care. Remembering that you are a person and your feelings matter is apart of self care. Do things that help you relax like: exercising, taking a walk, reading, meditating, get your hair or nails down and watching your favorite movie, tv show or YouTube channel. It is normal to want time for yourself. Do not feel guilty because you want time alone. If you can find the time to care for yourself, do it. Whether an hour or even five minutes take a moment to just meditate and breathe. 

Here’s a few things you can do:

Wake up a few minutes early to meditate. When you relax and have a positive mindset for the day you will feel a lot better!

Making lists is great so why not make one to remind yourself to take sometime out to relax and enjoy yourself. Remember me time is important!

In your free time get a new hairdo, get your nails and maybe even buy those shoes you’ve been staring at! 

Binge watch your favorite tv in your favorite pajamas! 

Remember to eat healthy, it’s very important to take care of yourself on the inside because that makes an impact on the outside. But every now and then indulging in your favorite dessert isn’t bad!

Exercising is great to relax, even if you walk for 30 minutes a day! 

Is there anything you do to take care of yourself or unwind after a long day? 

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